Barrage Back Bar

Barrage by easihair pro is a unique, ergonomically designed shower head designed for use at the shampoo bowl. With Barrage you can save our most precious resource, water, while making rinsing more effective. The micro-pore shower plate breaks down large water molecules which reduces water consumption by over 60%, while simultaneously increasing water pressure by 400%. Ceramic beads remove toxins and heavy metals from water naturally, which protects and extends the life of color and other chemical services. The collagen puck infuses the hair and skin with Vitamin C and collagen which keeps hair healthy and manageable, and acts as an anti-aging treatment with each use. Healthy hair and skin starts with clean water, and clean water starts with Barrage.


  • Hose
  • Collagen/Vitamin C Puck
  • Filter
  • Micro-pore Plate
  • Ceramic Beads
  • Shower Head
  • Shower Head Adapter
  • Plumbing Fixture Adapter

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