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Liquid adhesive used to apply ehp tape in extensions with original tape.

easiBoost will be discontinued on August 1st 2021 and will be sold until supplies last.

Please note: We are discontinuing our 2-inch original tape and easiboost as this method of application requires additional product (easiboost) to be hand-painted onto the weft prior to application. What this leads to is a more frustrating removal as it leaves much more residue on the natural hair, causing more work for the hairdresser and adding additional time in the removal and re-tape process, and a negative client experience.

Our Mission at easihair pro is to ensure our service is fast easy and effective. Our Boost Plus Tape formula dramatically reduces the amount of residue on the panel and natural hair, drastically cutting removal, retape, and reapplication time for an improved customer experience. We will continue to improve our products and programs to support our salons, hairdressers, and wearers.

It is recommended to reapply easihair pro Tape In Extensions using Boost Plus Tape moving forward.

Out of stock



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Additional information

Additional information

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