Pro Color Ring

Did you know easihair pro currently offers 50 natural color options plus 8 fashion colors? That’s more than any other Hair Extension brand on the market! Our color range includes solids, dual blends, (O) ombre, (R) rooted, and (B) balayage labeled by salon level and tone.

easihair pro’s Pro Color Ring is a must-have tool for ehp certified professionals and now includes ALL 58 COLORS and a QR Code that takes you to our Color Method Guide. The Pro Color Ring and Color Method Guide allow you to get a quick visual overview of every available easihair pro hair extension color.

Made with 100% Remy Cuticle Intact Human Hair, the Pro Color Ring is designed to assist in the color matching and planning process. When choosing the right color or combination of colors to apply, hold the color ring at the hair ends (not the root) in each zone.

Keep in mind that colors that are dual or tri-blends will appear chunky on the color ring and more blended or diffused on an actual hair extension product, fan the hair out using your fingers to get the most accurate representation of what the color will look like in the hair.

Remember that most clients are not one solid color but a combination of colors. For more tips and tricks on color matching, log in to your easihair pro account and view our Online Education Videos and Education Manual.

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Colors Included:

1N – Black Licorice
2N – Hot Fudge
3N – Brownie Finale
4RB – Boysenberry Treat
4N5N – Chocolate Mocha
4N – Fudgesicle
5N – Cocoa
5N7GB – Cocoa Twist
6G10CG – English Toffee
7N10G11N – Pecan Praline
7N6G – Root Beer Float
8N – Brown Sugar
8N10N – Creme Soda
9C – Peach Tart
10A – Rock Salt
10G12G – Buttered Popcorn
10G10C – Butterscotch
10NRAW – Marzipan
11N12G – Poppy Seed
12N – Champagne
12G – White Chocolate

O4N6N – Chocolate Toffee (Ombré)
6N – Toasted Hazelnut
7NA – Biscotti
O6N9N – Hazelnut Latte (Ombré)
9N – Waffle Cone
10NB – Oatmeal Cookie
O5N12G – Cookie Dough (Ombré)
R5N12G – Créme Brulee (Rooted)
7NA11N – Vanilla Swirl
11N – Sugar Cookie
10NB12N – Cream Puff
R5N12N – Toasted Coconut (Rooted)
O7NA12N – Vanilla Latte (Ombré)
12A – Martini

3RBV – Merlot
5CB – Saffron
R3N/3N5G – Peanut Butter Brownie
R4N/4N5G10CG – Tiramisu
R6N/8N12G – Cheesecake
R9N/9N12G – Almond Croissant
B1N/3N – Espresso Martini
B2N/5N – Chocolate Layer Cake
B4N/5N7GB – Dark Cocoa Twist
B4N/8N10N – Fudgesicle n’ Creme
B4RB/4RB8C10C – Sugared Berry Cake
B6G/6G10CG – Glazed English Toffee
B6N/7NA11N – Hazelnut Vanilla Swirl
B10NB/10NB12N – Glazed Cream Puff
B7NA/12A – Dirty Martini

Bubble Gum
Grape Jelly
Icy Mint
Plum Pudding
Red Hots

Additional information

Additional information

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